Piano Solo

She displayed a ravishingly beautiful tone together with a poetic use of rubato… This was, without doubt, fluent and assured playing…

Glasgow Herald 1985

…I was very favourably impressed by her technical abilities.  More important, her playing was communicative and full of personality, and her choice of programme displayed imagination and flair…

David Dorward, Music Producer
BBC Radio Scotland

There are some pianists who are little more than superficial speed merchants, there are some who show signs of musical feeling and intelligence, but there are pianists like Elizabeth Mucha whose intellectual grasp of the music overshadows their imposing technical prowess, making it seem almost to be an accidental corollary of the proceedings.

The Scotsman 1990

…the Messiaen factor was most apparent in a piano solo by John MacLeod.  It had a strong narrative line that was etched clearly by the sharp, knowing performance of Elizabeth Mucha

Raymond Monelle,

The Independent 1992

The Scottish pianist Elizabeth Mucha shone in her recital at the Catete Palace for the “Music in Museums” series. It was not apparent that the night before, her residence…. had been broken into by several armed men….

O Globo, (Rio de Janeiro, 2004)


insightful accompanying

Linda Esther Gray

I consider Miss Mucha to be one of the most promising accompanists I have met in many years.

Martin Isepp, Ex-Head of Music
Glyndebourne Opera

…she was the extension of the poem itself and the very soul of music.

Pablo Tariman

Philippine Daily Inquirer 1998

Elizabeth Mucha…contributed her own considerable talent and musicianship to the performance…conveying her own remarkable technique and artistic sensitivity throughout the recital.

Rosalinda Orosa,
Philippine Star 1999

Elizabeth Mucha displayed technical and interpretative skills of the highest order.

Rosalinda Orosa,
Philippine Star 2000

The singers were securely supported by Elizabeth Mucha’s accompaniment. She knows not only how to give value to the diverse and detailed pianistic writing in the songs of  (Joao Guilherme) Ripper, but also manages to capture the many different moods in (Poulenc’s) “Le Travail du Peintre”.

Lauro Machado Coelho,
O Estado de Sao.Paulo (2003)


The concert of 13th June was a revelation of music by Scottish composers (from the end of the 19th century to entirely contemporary): Sir John Blackwood McEwen, John McLeod (the cycle “ Peacocks with a hundred eyes” was astonishing for its structure and its moving texts on death and the act of dying), Claire Liddell (Five Orkney Scenes) and Francis George Scott. Each song was significant, each was interesting, and each one was worth getting to know.

The singer, Catherine King, delighted us with the high quality of her singing (as would be expected of a British singer)….She performed at the  Festival with Elizabeth Mucha, an excellent pianist of Polish descent, who participates in varied musical projects on several continents and has recorded a number of CDs.


Małgorzata Komorowska,
Ruch Muzyczny, (Sept 2009)

Art Sung

Thank you very much for a really enlightening and enjoyable concert.

 It is an interesting look at life through song. Your chosen prism gives us a different view from that, which the ordinary person usually sees.

Linda Esther Gray


RE: Lieder Course at the William Walton Fondazione, Ischia, Italy.

… Elizabeth Mucha … was one of four excellent accompanists; indeed I would single her out for her musicality and instinctive understanding of what she plays.

Victor Price,
The Scotsman, 1991

both … self-evidently embryonic stars.  And I could say the same of the pianists on the course – names to watch Elizabeth Mucha…

Michael White,
The Independent 1991


RE: Cimarosa’s opera “The Secret Marriage” at the William Walton Fondazione, Ischia, Italy.

..the accompaniment has to be with piano alone, and there once again the brilliant young Scottish accompanist, Elizabeth Mucha, gave a virtuoso performance

Edward Greenfield,
The Guardian 1992

… the pianist Elizabeth Mucha, played Cimarosa’s lively score with such skill that nobody noticed the absence of the orchestra.

Elizabeth Forbes,
Opera 1992


Chamber Music

The recital by Oliver Lewis (violin) and Elizabeth Mucha at Battle Festival was a fine example of the wealth of musical talent that exists among the new generation of young professional British musicians.

… the recital was nothing short of gripping.

Kent and Sussex Courier 1991

Elizabeth Mucha keeps just the right perspective in what is really a very light piece and the brilliant and lightly articulated piano introduction to the last movement is a model of clarity and pulse. (Dutilleux Flute Sonata on the CD “Triligence”)

Pan (British Flute Society)

Piano Duo

…their virtuosity … more than surface brilliance

Conrad Wilson,
The Scotsman, 1988

There is no doubt that these two pianists play as a duo and have empathy with one another that is lacking all too often in many other duos. People were singing along which leads me to suggest that Miss Hughes and Miss Mucha are very special musicians.

Ulster Gazette, 1988