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Welcome to my website. Here you will find the usual biography, reviews, upcoming events, publicity photos, and recordings of myself as you would expect of a website bearing my name. However, as I have spent most of my professional career in various collaborations, I feel that any story about myself would be incomplete without some anecdotes and photos of some of the people whose paths have crossed my own musical travels.

‘Musical travels?’ I hear you say. ‘Of course musicians travel, what makes these special?’

What makes them special is that I’ve had the great privilege of living in six countries over the last 20 years: UK, The Netherlands, The Philippines, Singapore, Brazil and Poland. As well as experiencing the world in ways that I could never have imagined, I’ve been extremely fortunate to meet and work with some fabulously talented people who have drawn on their cultures in order to create new and exciting works of art: “Taqtaq” for flutes, piano and pre-recorded ‘suling’ track by Philippine-Chinese composer Jeffrey Ching immediately springs to mind.

As well as being fortunate to explore and perform standard vocal and chamber music repertoire, I’ve also been given opportunities to work on some very interesting projects through the years. My involvement in the 90s with the British experimental group, Opera Circus, offered me an insight into the inner workings of theatre; collaboration with Dutch-Japanese composer Sumire Nukina on her multi-media project ‘Mondriaan’ in Amsterdam opened up the idea of combining art and music; ballet dancers enacting the inner feelings of the characters in Samuel Barber’s mini-opera “A Hand of Bridge” performed by a quartet of singers and myself for Singapore Lyric Opera led me further down the route of breaking down barriers between various art forms. These are but a few of the projects which have inspired my efforts to develop multi-media recitals (Art Sung) which push the boundaries of what is considered to be a ‘concert’ by engaging with the audience through music, art and literature simultaneously.

I hope I have whetted your appetite to explore my website and to meet some of my collaborators on my musical travels.

Upcoming Events

The London Duo

Reform Club - 104 Pall Mall, SW1Y 5EW - Wednesday 07th December 2022

Nigel Foster - piano Elizabeth Mucha - piano

Nigel Foster and I are delighted to be making our London debut as ‘The London Duo’ at the Reform Club in Pall Mall! Hopefully our adventures to come will be as far flung as those of Phileas Fogg! Our lunchtime concert on Wed December 7th is a piano duet programme of music from the 1910s and 1920s explores a period of huge experimentation in France and England as composers sought to find new musical paths after the devastating upheaval of the Great War. - Read More→

New Developments

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