Here are a couple of examples of programmes which I have devised. The Scottish Programme was performed at the European Festival of Lieder in Warsaw in 2009 with mezzo-soprano, Catherine King, (“Song” from Peacocks with a Hundred Eyes). “Alma Mahler and her World” is a simpler version of  Art Sung III – Realitywith a narrative linking the songs together.

Scottish Programme

Sir John B. McEwan Three Songs (Text by Verlaine)
Song of autumn
The wood’s aglow
Soleils Couchants
John McLeod Peacocks with a hundred eyes
(Text by Percy Bysshe Shelley and Christina Rossetti)
Song – Remember – Echo – A Birthday
Claire Liddell Five Orkney Scenes
(Text by George Mackay Brown)
Old fisherman with guitar
Country Girl
Fisherman’s Bride
Francis George Scott The Eemis Stane
(Text by Hugh MacDiarmid)
The Wee Man
(Translated from the Auvergnat by Willa Muir)
Ay, waukin, O
The Discreet Hint
My luve is like a red,red rose
Rattlin’, Roarin’ Willie
(Text by Robert Burns)

Alma Mahler and her World

Alma Schindler-Mahler Bei dir is es traut
Ich wandle unter Blumen
In meines Vaters Garten
Alexander Zemlinsky Entbietung  Op 7, nr 2
Irmelin Rose Op 7, nr 4
Sonntag Op 7, nr 5
Richard Wagner from the Wesendock Lieder
Im Treibhaus
Gustav Mahler Lob des hohen Verstands
Liebst du um Schönheit
Alma Schindler-Mahler Der Erkennende